Graeme’s gentle nature, sensitivity and engagement with my mother in recording her life story, crafted a beautiful tale, spanning over 85 years, of a life well lived and well loved. I only wish I could have done the same for my father, who lived a remarkable life, when he was alive. Recording history gives context to life and our future. Thanks Graeme for all you did in telling my mum’s story. 

- Bernard Carey


When Graeme introduced me to the idea of a memoir I was unsure,  but he soon explained it clearly and I found the idea was great especially for my family. He collected photos and information about my life. Graeme was kind and encouraging and led me through the process. He was efficient and taught me how to go ahead. My family was thrilled with the result. 

- Judith Molloy

Graeme has just completed a "peoples page" on my mother, Pek-Lin for her 90th birthday. Words cannot capture our gratitude for his gift to our family. We now have her life's story, which would have gone unspoken and undocumented otherwise. Graeme's gentle patience, empathy and ability to truly listen was the key to getting my mother to open up and feel so comfortable in telling her story. He went above and beyond in his research.
We cannot more highly recommend People Pages.
Thank you, Graeme.

 - Dr. Li-Chuen Wong