Jane Cullen II

Jane Cullen II


Born   25th of October, 1856    Colo, New South Wales, Australia

Died   8th of April, 1942   Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia


Jane was born on 25/10/1856 at Colo to Edward Cullen I and Jane Harrison.

She died 8/4/1942 at Parramatta and is buried at R.C. Cemetery at Windsor. She married Joseph Fairs on 16/10/1875 at St. Mary’s Church, Fordwich (now known as Broke). Joseph was born on 22/7/1847 at Cattai to Joseph Fairs and Ellen Donagher. He died on 3/12/1888 and is also buried at R.C. Cemetery at Windsor.


Jane and Joseph had 6 children:

  1. Ellen
  2. James
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Jane (known as Jenny Wren)
  5. Frances
  6. Joseph