Nellie Carr

Nellie Carr


Born   18th of July, 1907   Salford, Manchester, England

Died   20th of July, 1983   South Coogee, Sydney, NSW. Australia


Nellie Carr was born in Salford, England in 1907. The fourth child of Nellie Carr (nee Thorpe) and Thomas Carr.  Her siblings were: Gladys born 1898, Thomas born 1901, Doris born 1902.  Other siblings from between 1902 and 1907 were stillborn twin brothers and another brother that died from Scarlet Fever. This disease also left Doris profoundly deaf and in poor health. 

In 1911 another daughter, Mabel, was born. Due to the poor health of Doris, the family decided to immigrate to a warmer climate. So in late 1911, the family set sail to Sydney, Australia on the SS Bremen "Cassel". They arrived on May 13th, 1912.

After arriving, Nellie gained two more siblings,  Marjorie born 1913 and Ronald born 1915.  

Father obtained work as a storeman for Bevarfals Furniture Company and for a couple of years the family lived over the warehouse in the Sydney suburb of Leichhardt. They later relocated to Doncaster Ave. in the suburb of Kensington.

Nellie attended Sydney Girls School. On leaving she became a Dressmaker for “Jaqueline Fashion” in Taylor Square, Sydney. The clientele of the business was of a high class, so her dressmaking skills had to be of a high standard.

Her mother's sister, Jessie and her new husband, also came to Australia with them. They settled  near Temora, west of Sydney on a small holding. During the holidays, Nell and the family would travel by train to the farm to visit. Through these visits, Nell got to know the neighbours, the Trewin family. Nell and Stan Trewin  became a couple and were married in St. Johns Church of England Church at Kingsford, Sydney on 4th January, 1935.

Married Life and Family

Nell and Stan leased a shop at 2013 Maroubra Rd. Maroubra. At the time, this was the very outer limits of Sydney.  Being a keen tennis player, Stan saw the need for tennis equipment and using her dressmaking skills, Nell began making designer tennis outfits for the ladies.

Trewin Sports
Trewin Sports

The business was a huge success and Trewin Sports Pty Ltd. survived in Maroubra for 50 years. Eventually stocking all sporting equipment, the business also grew to stock toys and dolls.  Again using her skills, Nell would dress the dolls in “one-off” designer wedding outfits. Demand for her beautiful bride dolls came from all over Sydney.

A fall down the shop stairs in May 1983 broke her leg. This led to her sudden death from DVT (a blood clot) on July 20th. This was two days after her 76th birthday, which she enjoyed at home with her family and many relations. 

A son, Maurice Harvey was the firstborn in 1935, followed by Helen Marjorie, born in 1942. Then came two more sons, David Graham, born in 1944 and John Thomas, born in 1949.


In the early 1940s, the threat of Japanese invasion inspired Stan and Nell, along with close friends, to build a small cottage in the Blue Mountains on Arcadia St, Blackheath. This was a safe place for women and children, should Sydney come under threat. Nell and Stan eventually bought out their friends' share and the cottage became a wonderful holiday home. 

In 1949 they sold the cottage to fund building their first family home at 160 Fitzgerald Ave, Maroubra - a splendid English-style gable.

The three shop premises which they had expanded into and leased for over 25 years was put up for sale. To maintain their business premises, they sold the family home and bought the business premises. Eventually, the Commonwealth Bank made an offer for the property which was too good to refuse. Instead of retiring, they leased another shop on Maroubra Road and carried on with the business until Nell's death. Stan left the business to David, who had worked with them for many years.

The final home for Nell was a neat cottage on the corner of Fowler Crescent and Johnstone Parade, South Coogee. It was here that Nell passed away.

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